“Home is a shelter from storms – all sorts of storms.”

William J. Bennett

When people think of their homes, it is a place where they can find love, comfort and reassurance. Being home means being right where you’re supposed to be. It is where you feel accepted despite of your flaws, imperfections and failures. For these reasons and more; William J. Bennett describes home as a “shelter from all sorts of storms”. 

Storms represent life’s trials and tribulations. There’s no single person in this world that is totally spared from having challenges in life. At some point, we would all come across hardships that would test us, sometimes beyond our breaking point.

Through it all, if we have a home to return to, we can find safety and comfort. Home is where we can find rest so we can go on with life. It gives us a reason to fight and to survive life’s hardships and everything else that this world might throw upon us.

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“I believe that all our lives we’re looking for home and if we’re really lucky, we find it in someone’s loving arms. I think that’s what life is – coming home.”

Anita Krizzan

Home doesn’t necessarily mean a house, a building or a structure where we can shut down the rest of the world behind the walls. A home could be a person like your parent, wife, husband, partner, or best friend. Someone who will love and accept you despite of all your imperfections;

someone who can forget about your ugly and shameful past and instead look forward to a brighter future together regardless of the uncertainties; and someone who can keep you safe until you’re ready to face life again. Home is that one person who loves you and whom you love in return with all your heart and soul. 

“Home is where children find safety and security, where we find our identities, where citizenship starts. It usually starts with believing you’re part of a community, and that is essential to having a stable home.”

Matthew Desmond

Home is where you can find your true identity. It reminds you of where you’re rooted. It is a place, a feeling or a person that can remind you of who you really are before your achievements, awards and recognition.

It could be something that will put your life back into the right perspective so you may be reminded about your purpose and reason for striving. Or, it could also be a person who can keep you grounded; and can guide you towards the right direction so you’ll never fall into the wrong traps.

“Home is where everyone comes for respite and rest, but if a home environment does not provide the love that children need, then they will seek it elsewhere.”

Nicoline Ambe

Not all houses can be regarded as homes. Some houses are mere cold structures and buildings that stand without a purpose. You cannot rely on them to give you love, strength and reassurance because they lack all the qualities that make up a real home. Entering such premises is comparable to entering a state of emptiness and loneliness. In such living environments, children tend to look for a home elsewhere.

A real home is where children can find meaning and purpose. It is a place that will shape their young minds so they may become well equipped to face the real world. It is not a solace that will spare and keep children from life’s troubles. Instead, it is a dwelling place which will prepare them for …

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