About us

Welcome to Farid Hajji!

We would like to formally introduce our organization as “Snippets and Excerpts” mainly because we love to share words by famous personas; and explore lines from our favorite books. We use these “quotations” as bases or benchmarks in order impart wisdom and insights to all our readers. 

Our group consists of 5 active members and we are all passionate about books, poetry and reading. Our similarities are what led us to initiate weekly book discussions and blog collaborations. There are also some members who have penchant for spoken word poetry. We share one vision; and that is to establish bigger organization that aims to bring book and poetry lovers together.

The objectives of our website are plain and simple. We want to be able to correlate famous lines by well-known people to topics that concern our daily lives such as love, family and relationships. Furthermore, our organization aims to shed light on the deeper meanings behind these words of wisdom. We hope that we would be able to;

  • Inspire other people to gain knowledge from the words of real people who learned valuable lessons in life as well as from our chosen book excerpts 
  • Impart our own understanding on these thoughts and insights; and to be able to provide new points of view that can make our readers fully understand their meaning and significance
  • Influence other readers to appreciate these powerful words so that they may find a way to put them into good use and to apply them in their daily lives
  • Trigger the curiosity of others who may have different perspectives from our own
  • Encourage our readers to read more and to expand their horizons so that they may see things from a different perspective

We hope that you would find something noteworthy from our website which can help you trigger your passion for words and reading.